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CorTechs Medica it is the company creating the exemplary facilities for healthcare system. From the project to the project we pass the best ideas and the advantage practices in order to provide the best conditions for patients and staff as well.

CorTechs Medica it is the group of high quality experts. The best technologists, architects and engineers of our company have long-term international experience in creation of healthcare facilities. We provide to our clients understanding of the high importance of technological solutions, architecture, and design at all planning and design stages of healthcare facilities.

CorTechs Medica carries out a full cycle of creation of medical establishments on a turn-key basis with compliance the all sanitary-and-hygienic, and other standards & regulations of the Russian Federation, international standards & regulations as well. Our great experience allows to realize projects of a various level of complexity. The professional approach to creation of establishments of healthcare means construction of solutions which anticipate the future demands and support the stable long-term progress of state medical establishment as private medical establishments as well.

CorTechs Medica it is the individual approach to each project.



Our design solutions are aimed at creation of highly effective and hi-tech healthcare facilities. The individual solutions are carefully developed for each project, that are able to provide functional needs of medical institution, depending on tasks.

Advanced technological, volumetric – planning and- architecturally-design solutions of interiors and ex-terriers create favorable conditions for development in short-term prospect and progresses over the longer term. This undoubtedly assists an improvement of productivity, a condition of patients, and optimization of operational expenses.


Deal with professionals!

CorTechs Medica is the manufacturer of "Clean Rooms" for medical facilities. Our staff are experts with years of experience to design and engineer your facility to meet the highest standards of performance and operation. CorTechs Medica provides support of the project on a construction of a complex of "Clean Rooms" – from creation of the conceptual project before input to object in operation. Our production conforms to all international regulations and standards.The comprehensive and balanced approach in the field of medical engineering allows not only to erect effective establishments, but also to provide the possibilities to change the purpose of departments in the future as necessary. We are glad, that our work assists progress of healthcare, helps with rendering qualitative medical aid! With pleasure we shall share our knowledge and experience!

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CorTechs Medica - team of professionals.
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